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Randi Painting a Picture

Randi Zwicker has had an interesting and varied career living in southwest Florida. As a teacher, she taught both at the elementary and the middle school level. Early on she realized how technology could impact instruction and went on to receive her master’s degree in computer science. It was because of her enthusiasm and expertise in this area that she was promoted to director of instructional technology and media services in a large Florida district of fifty schools.


While she raised her family and enjoyed a full professional life, Randi continued to develop her skills as an artist.  From her earliest years she was fascinated by the illustrations in picture books. Being fortunate to live near the Cleveland Museum of Art, she spent many hours there, intrigued by the paintings of the masters, captivated by the overall design and the individual brush strokes. It was there that, as a youngster, she took classes, began to learn how to employ various media and drawing techniques and continued to study art as an avocation. Her interest never faltered and her work today shows her love of realism and use of balance and color. The murals she has designed are a bold example of her ability to create large colorful works of art. Her illustrations are done primarily in acrylics with the subtle use of line and her paintings often focus on plant and wildlife indigenous to Florida.

She lives in Bonita Springs with her husband, Bill, their two cats, Tiki and Sasha, and cockatiel, Snow.

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